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Our Rich Base
We, Wasit General Trading LLC, since 2007 have been dealing in premium quality mining products such as Natural Gypsum, Industrial Salt, Limestone, Aggregate, Marble Chips, Iron Ore, Feldspar, as well as Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Board and Gypsum Ceiling Tiles. The products we offer are sourced from our own mines, which are proven for its high quality mine productions.industrial standards which further enables us to win the trust of the clients. Our vendor selection is made on certain parameters such as their financial position, delivery schedules, relations with past clients and policies of business.

Product Portfolio
We are engaged in supplying and exporting of the following products:
  • Natural Gypsum
  • Gypsum Powder
  • Gypsum Board
  • Gypsum Ceiling Tile
  • Industrial Salt
  • Limestone
  • Rock Salt
  • Limestone Chips
  • Aggregate
  • Marble Chips
  • Iron Ore
  • Feldspar

Service Portfolio
  • Logistics and Land Transportation from Mine to the Port
  • Port Facilities
  • Marine Transport Operations
  • Shipbuilding

Storing and Packaging
After manufacturing our mining products, Gypsum, Industrial Salt, Rock Salt, Limestone Chips, Limestone, Marble Chips and Iron Ore among others, we store these goods in our spacious and developed warehouse. It is surrounded with necessary resources and equipped with appropriate equipment such as temperature control facilities, insect control facilities etc.  Further, the materials are packed safely in optimum grade packaging sheets, sacks and bags that protect it from moisture and other impurities so its physical and chemical contents will be retained till the end.